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This is dedicated to those who choose the path of No Days Off, I commend you all.. This is my head. A photo, a rant, and a quote with each post.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Play it.. That is right Your position..

Why is this concept so damn difficult for people.. In every part of life you need to play your position.. If you are a mom, why trying to be dad.. This goes for professionals too.. I know and unfortunately have to deal with some of the most head in their ass people. .that have no idea a) what the concept means, and b) know even what their position is. Why you ask.. Well this is where I fully can agree with corporate America.. In any machines on this planet, be it record labels, TV networks, or even colleges and schools, each person does a set duty, some more than others. These people do not stray away from them, because usually they do not get paid enough. By do just that, they never try to take too much on, and therefore dropping the ball. Again we all do not have budgets large enough to make that many positions, I too have been at fault here, and will probably be again.. But if you people know that, please take a step back before working with together people..

"I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done." Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Critical Mass

I was told this morning that I was slackin on the blog.. and the true is.. I have been.. Lets keep it moving.. The concept of critical mass, over saturation, mass production.. of what, well everything, but the only thing I really deal with is media. Too many MCs, beat makers, producers, film makers, photographers, musicians, painters, graff heads, designers, and all around people trying to be professional creatives. I actually listen to all the music that comes in, and I have to say that for every twenty cds I get (which is about 10 days worth, so that is two a day) only maybe two are worthy.. out of those two maybe one will get "Recommended" in BD.. People get salty. The same happens with Tshirt Brands.. I see a lot of heads that want me to review this product and wear it.. well I have gone on strike, I will not be wearing brands this summer, just Regional shirts, " the St. Marks Collection", and stuff from the local pizzeria, or deli.. I have had it with over cool, I understand that is hard to listen to coming from the dude that calls himself Fubz.. well you call all eat it.. Concrete Pirates forever... "The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it." -Dee Hock

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Smoke and Mirrors

Morning world.. so i have not ranted for a few days... things have been busy.. not good or bad.. I actually got to reading the paper this morning and i am not sure if anyone saw that we are starting to have good ties with Libya again.. yet in March we were not.. They had the gall to say it has nothing to do with oil and then followed by talking about how much oil Libya produces.. All i have to point out.. is an average of $3.36 a gallon of gas.. Watch the price drop.. these fucking greedy pigs.. Smoke and Mirrors, watch us talk about how good someone is, then use the situation for what we need it for. I guess we can do whatever since we rebuild ties to companies.. o i mean countries that we have cut off 25 years ago.. So we will be in business with Iraq and Iran in 30 years.. great for my seeds.. it is all a farce for the big dogs to get rich,... I SAY SCALIWAG TO YOU YARGHH!!!! "There are times when one would like to end the whole human race, and finish the farce." Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holdin that tongue

The man is always listening.. aka Big Brother.. my mornings have been changed, by corporate amerikkka and bullshit as ratings.. They canned Star from Star and Bucwild, the other morning, for talkin smack and DJ Envy's kid.. Come on we all know dude is just bullshitting that he is gonna pee on Envy's kid.. I smell a person who's rating suck and saw a loop hole to get Star off the air.. well it worked, and i think no one is listening to anything but NPR.. It goes to show that money talks.. Not people.. Freedom of speech my ass. I hope that one day there will be another Murrow, someone to stand up to the system and fight for free speech and the rights that made us America. We stole our land.. and now we can not take words in stride, I think they are looking at the wrong station, how many people have been shot at the "sloppy station" Keep in mind when the powers decide to smash people it is quick.. Star I will ride with you until the end.. Keep telling people what is up.. F all them.. "Free speech is intended to protect the controversial and even outrageous word; and not just comforting platitudes too mundane to need protection." -General Colin Powell


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I will start my week a few days late.. I recognized my attachment to my cat, aka Kitty, her surname, yesterday in full. We need to travel down the path of what was wrong, but she was sick. I took her to the vet and almost got into a fight with a 7 year old with a dog, for letting her dog fuck with my cat, and not to mention had to tell her mom to "Handle you god damn child", I think that is how it went. Then I was about three seconds away from giving it to the asshole vet who cared as much as fucking Mussolini. Alas I did not, and paid the large bill and kept it moving.. I never saw the attachment to my furball until all this happened.. It brought me to an interesting spot, where nothing else in my world was as important, my biz, my career, anything really. I am glad I could see that, too bad it had to come in the form of my Kitty getting sick. She is getting better.. I will leave with a note to self, about really living this life we have... " What I dream of is an art of balance." Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mohawk.. Scalp Lock.. Difference.. History

I did it.. I find it the most whole I have been in years.. Shed all the excess.. I feel grounded. and centered.. It is only the first phase of the change.. May 19th all will see the freshness.. Then a good friend will bless me with dope portraits.. Most people have not flinched, or been surprised, as if I have had it for years.. I find it interesting, that the whole time this is really what people expected... As if I really give a shit.. I love it and am super comfy now.. The change gave my vision a more keen sense of focus. I keep it moving.. "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why is hip-hop Dead?? Bring the Dust Back..

I will start by saying the culture that took my under its wing is crumbling.. The most sold shit has a Machine behind it.. E40 says it on his new album, just listen. The most quality music is still made in basements, where some of our favorite, classic changing you life as a buck, jams were made. I want to know why a handful real heads feel hip-hop is dying, are we the older breed that can not understand what is next or... Is it that the rich folks that run the Machine and knows what makes it run, and keeps their kids in private school, in fly nikes, rockin the new iPod, etc. dictating what is next. I heard WuTang on a subway train for the first time, not on some Myspace ish. If we want this artform that changed us and lead us to where and who we are today, we need to take action, the bull by the horns if you may.. I call all the editors, PR people, industry heads, magazines, websites, etc. to not support wack shit just for a dollar.. brand integrity, and quality control keeps our arts sacred. Please change it.. Before we have nothing.. This art shit takes time, it comes down to choosing a path, if you want to make money stay with it for a long time, otherwise do what you were Slangin'... "Instant gratification takes too long." Carrie Fisher US author & movie actress (1956 - )

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Number Crunch.

Most things these days, as I get older.. I see it more.. are totally run by numbers.. Dollars, deadlines, calendars, time, cost, broke, equity... HOLY SHIT!! Time and money, of which I have little off. .The two things that run the planet on some level. Now I am not salty or angry, or mislead.. People have been telling me for years about this, whether or not I felt I could change the world after I read "Ishmel", is a totally different rant. But after learning and then believing that all these people were correct, it comes down to making that "selling out" not that, turn it into Pimpery, you heard it right.. Pimp the so called system that is making you "sell Out", to do so you need super amounts of brand integrity.. "Sit down and figure that shit out later" -Redman

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Q

Just wanted to leave some love to the place where i am home.. forever
the Qboro..

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Payoff

A concept that keeps all us indies moving.. Was talking with my homie this morning, we have known each other for years, coming up 7 years.. The concept of why grind, and how long does it take for "the Payoff". Well I am still not sure, so when I find out I will let myself know.. I think we are all a glutton for punishment. I wanna know really what happens when you find that dingy gate that leads to the beauty in the middle of chaos.. let me know