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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why is hip-hop Dead?? Bring the Dust Back..

I will start by saying the culture that took my under its wing is crumbling.. The most sold shit has a Machine behind it.. E40 says it on his new album, just listen. The most quality music is still made in basements, where some of our favorite, classic changing you life as a buck, jams were made. I want to know why a handful real heads feel hip-hop is dying, are we the older breed that can not understand what is next or... Is it that the rich folks that run the Machine and knows what makes it run, and keeps their kids in private school, in fly nikes, rockin the new iPod, etc. dictating what is next. I heard WuTang on a subway train for the first time, not on some Myspace ish. If we want this artform that changed us and lead us to where and who we are today, we need to take action, the bull by the horns if you may.. I call all the editors, PR people, industry heads, magazines, websites, etc. to not support wack shit just for a dollar.. brand integrity, and quality control keeps our arts sacred. Please change it.. Before we have nothing.. This art shit takes time, it comes down to choosing a path, if you want to make money stay with it for a long time, otherwise do what you were Slangin'... "Instant gratification takes too long." Carrie Fisher US author & movie actress (1956 - )


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