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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Number Crunch.

Most things these days, as I get older.. I see it more.. are totally run by numbers.. Dollars, deadlines, calendars, time, cost, broke, equity... HOLY SHIT!! Time and money, of which I have little off. .The two things that run the planet on some level. Now I am not salty or angry, or mislead.. People have been telling me for years about this, whether or not I felt I could change the world after I read "Ishmel", is a totally different rant. But after learning and then believing that all these people were correct, it comes down to making that "selling out" not that, turn it into Pimpery, you heard it right.. Pimp the so called system that is making you "sell Out", to do so you need super amounts of brand integrity.. "Sit down and figure that shit out later" -Redman


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