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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holdin that tongue

The man is always listening.. aka Big Brother.. my mornings have been changed, by corporate amerikkka and bullshit as ratings.. They canned Star from Star and Bucwild, the other morning, for talkin smack and DJ Envy's kid.. Come on we all know dude is just bullshitting that he is gonna pee on Envy's kid.. I smell a person who's rating suck and saw a loop hole to get Star off the air.. well it worked, and i think no one is listening to anything but NPR.. It goes to show that money talks.. Not people.. Freedom of speech my ass. I hope that one day there will be another Murrow, someone to stand up to the system and fight for free speech and the rights that made us America. We stole our land.. and now we can not take words in stride, I think they are looking at the wrong station, how many people have been shot at the "sloppy station" Keep in mind when the powers decide to smash people it is quick.. Star I will ride with you until the end.. Keep telling people what is up.. F all them.. "Free speech is intended to protect the controversial and even outrageous word; and not just comforting platitudes too mundane to need protection." -General Colin Powell



Blogger Cips said...

Murrow was also crushed by the big money machine. As retaliation for speaking his mind the networks made him do more "Person-to-Person" interviews. He did have to pay a price for his speach which is why his news show went from Primetime to irregular showings after 3 years but "Person-to-Person" was left on the air in primetime. There was also a public backlash against Murrow, by '58 the public was more interested in being entertained then being "preached" at by a liberal which is pretty much why his shows started going off the air around then...
Class starts again on Monday, just getting back into the flow of things.
Trying to label what he said as "Hate Speech" is just asking for trouble, leading to a slippery slope of problems. Despite what it says Hate Speech should still be protected by freedom of speech.

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