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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

NYC... where the Y stands for Yuppie.

It has been slowly happening, some would say for the better part of 2 decades. The truth is within the last 5-7 years NYC has been totally gentrified, where in most areas that were considered "the hood", are more and more becoming high class, bougie image areas, if I may. These people that are moving in, need to understand that this is still NYC, and that just because you live here now, and _____________(where ever you are actually from) is not the same. We honk our horns when we want to here, because we want to, we do not expect the world cater to us, we go and get ours, whether or not people want us to. We do not threaten people and not except to get a mouthful, or better yet a fistful back. I do remember growing up, and straight up keeping my eyes to myself, so they stayed on my face, and so I could keep my newest pair of sneakers, on MY feet, and not running off the subway without me. Ok, so I get it, NYC evolves, my dad and I talk about this, but where is the line, when do the NYers left say, this is not NYC, we want our city back. Now as much as it seems that I am asking for the same NY back, I am just asking for the NewJacks to respect the distant past, the ways of old, and not expect so much municipal pampering, that shit has to stop. This used to be the worlds melting pot, and maybe to some degree it is, but i want to know how many New Yuppiers, have been to a part of an outer borough where the people that make this city really what it is live. The dude that makes you latte in the AM, he does not live on your block, the lady that (if you have this) cleans your apt/condo, she does not live on your block, the dude that makes your Steam TOFU w/chili sauce, he does not live in your neighborhood. What i am getting at, is this city was a place where people would come to better themselves, their families and their dreams of, hate to say it but, Freedom. The hipsters/yuppies have moved in and are mooching off the land, expecting all to cater to their suburban ways. Who is to blame, yes partly politicians, RUDY and MIKEY, but it is us, the natives, this is our land, if we want the in-between, or not a grimy city, nor an affluent city, we need to stand up, and take it back. I believe in the compromise of the two different NYCs meeting in the middle, but I will say, we have no Middle class left, those that are left, are probably very close to the poorer side. We are an affluent city, that keeps our workers close, now how terrible is that.. zero progression..


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Queens Motherfucking New York

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