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Thursday, April 05, 2007


What about our generation. A group of people always "hustlin". I too am in the same boat, yes I know I am hypocritcal. What does our future look like, are we really changing anything, is it really worth all the blogs, wed night parties, flyering, publishign, making and remixing music.. But we are all working for the aMerican dream, creative control, and independent wealth. We keep saying and or living for, "one day we will be able to ___________(fill your own dream in). I have to say, I think it is all bullocks, I think maybe a small handful of us will "make it", and if we have not already, being the most cultural relevent and have the most ablity to change society cutlurally we may ever have at our current age/time period, maybe most of us will never. Think for one second, that the Magazine, Record Label, Promotions Company, Website, Store, Clothing Line, Printing Company, Design Firm, Consulting Company, that you work for or in most cases Run, is really nothing at all, just something you did in your 20s, Imagine that. I think everyday, will I be working some wack job one day, I have made it through most of my 20s not having to, but what if i had kids, and they had dreams... then what.. All these thoughts are contradicatry, i know that, I am just posing a question to us all, what is it worth, why do we work, what are we really doing, is it for ourselves, does the main part of the world know that "taste makers" or "influencers" exist, are they supposed to? All I ask everyone is to truly question their talents, is it always neceassary to add to what we have already.. What kind of future are we headed to.. sometimes, I want to stop, and go do some real social changing, make some real moves, not just continue an obscure cutlure change.. If I have offended you.. bite it, i have offended myself..

"Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value."
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Lasting Power:
My 100 Year Old Grandma's has been dying her hair for over 80 Years wow..

This is from the Marco Polo/Masta Ace Video shoot, I put this up, not becasue of anything, but it was a great day..


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