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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ISM... Be that.

Ok. So in the last few days I decided to find myself an Intern.. ok ok.. aka slave labor.. I really have no remorse first off for anyone that needs money to be down.. I eat more shit for mad years, than I care to talk about.. I have to tell you when I was in the process of trying to be involved aka 'down", I approached this with as much Professionalism as I knew about. The level of professionalism has gone out the window. After reaching out to the digiverse for some strong interns.. I got more emails saying.. I am down.. check me out.. myspace/generic_human.. WTF.. SINCE WHEN IS A MYSPACE PAGE A RESUME.. It is not people. I see too many people want to be down, not willing to work for free and then not taking anything as seriously as a person that wants to get involved should be. Yes we are mostly self driven, and independent, that does not mean we are not serious and professional, and take everything we do with the utmost respect.. by responding like that, I feel disrespect to the years of shit eating. I repect anyone reaching out. just think about the long term if you are serious, no one is gonna extend any position free or not to a person that is not together.. I will tell you all, for every 15 people that are sloppy there is 1 persone that has it down.. that person will get a call or an email back, everyone else will wonder why they have not.. think about it.. be that 1, not the 15.. We care less..

"Nihilism is best done by professionals." -Iggy Pop


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